Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Animal Abuse

Just received a copy of SPCA Bulletin. It saddens me to read about the horrible animal abuse cases. Some of these cases are committed by young children ! A 5 year old boy throwing his pet kittens from a 3rd floor unit. A 12 year old boy arrested for throwing a cat from the 13th floor. Where do they get their cruelty streak from ?

Then there was mass poisoning of stray cats at Bayshore Park Condominium. I suppose the number of abuse case on the rise should not come as a surprise. If people can abandon predigree dogs which they chose as pet, they would not give much thought to strays.

Why the intolerant ? I find this rather disturbing. How can one torture and kill helpless kittens ? I am not sure which is more frightening - coming from adult who should know better or from children who are suppose to be 'innocent' and needing protection themselves. What would these children do when they grow up to vent their frustration when things do not work out for them ?

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