Monday, September 7, 2009

SingPost staff delivering junk mails to HDB residents

Some years back, HDB upgraded the mail boxes with the amenity to ‘lock’ the mailbox slot so as to prevent junk mails from being slotted into the mail boxes. Only postal staff with their ‘master’ key to open the mail boxes panel could deliver mails to the residents.

It was a welcome relief to be free from junk mails, but this lasted only for a while. In recent years, postal staffs are the ones delivering junk mails to resident. Is this not an irony ? We end up with lots of junk mails in our letter box inspite of locking the mailbox slot !

Is it not clear to SingPost that residents choose to lock up the mailbox slot to prevent junk mails being stuff into their mail boxes ? Why are SingPost staff delivering junk mails ? Who is at the receiving end of the commission payment ? SingPost or its staff ?

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