Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Who are the LKY's daft S'poreans ?

There are many good and intelligent folks who really admire and respect LKY as their supreme flawless leader.  Pity likely this is also one of the groups LKY had in mind when he called S'poreans daft.

The real problem is these folks are too trusting and read MSM mainly for their news input.  Their haven't got out of the starry eyes stage back in school where we were taught what a 'great and marvelous' LKY was.

Likely there will be another generation of starry eyes LKY worshipers going by the zealous 24-7 propaganda going on around his death.  But all idol worship has to come to an end. History is the best judge of how good a leader LKY was.  Let time decides.

The other group of daft S'pore LKY had in mind are likely honest hardworking folks who would vote for his party no matter how much they disliked him.  It is due fear as they are so brain washed that they truly believe S'pore cannot survive without MIW in power.

I was at CPF board last week.  LKY was still in ICU then.  The 2 elderly men in front were talking about him.  They were saying why all the fuss over him - praying for his recovery, so much news coverage......wasting time.... After all he had been very inactive in politics and 91 yrs in age is considered blessed considering man's average life span is 75.  They were no admirer of LKY, what they discussed I shall not repeat here.

But the irony is they will vote for MIW.  One of them was saying 'cannot vote for opposition lah - they got no money to run the country'.   I can't believe what I am hearing, there are actually elderly folks who believed tax payers' money belongs to MIW !  May be it is due to the recently WP Town Council saga where MIW hold back grant money for the ward.

This is not a good sign.  It is time for change as half a century of one party rule and hero worship of LKY is causing a lot of brain damage.  Idol and hero worship is bad for our intellect. No wonder we lack creativity juicy.  MIW has systematically brain washed S'poreans via school teaching and media propaganda into a nation of LKY worshipers for 50 years !!

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