Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What was LKY last wish ?

It is said that LKY signed an Advanced Medical Directive that he be allowed to go with minimum suffering by not artificially prolonging his life with life supporting tubes stuck into all his orifices.  Was that his last wish?  If so it is a pity that his family did not respect it.

Or was his last wish was to be milked for all he was worth to advance his son political career?  If so then it was fulfilled to bursting limit.

The current media frenzy to give him maximum air time day and night to promote him as a flawless and perfect leader is out right ridiculous.

There are so much similarity between him, Mao of China and Kim of North Korea.  So we have all the hero worship and grieving expressed by their followers. We know for all the waxing of how great Mao and Kim were, historical facts revealed otherwise.

They were great politicians but far from great leaders.  Plenty of common major flaws - self serving and power crazy. They were ruthless and devious.  The means they used to achieve their ends matter not to them.  These men were top of the game in public perception and mind manipulation.  They were hero worship in life and in death by their brain washed followers.

Re-writing history and using mass media to get their message across were their specialty.  One of their dirty tricks was to target young children as they were easy to manipulate and would grow up to be faithful unquestioning worshipers of them.

The only saving grace is LKY is not as terrible as these two men. But he is no where near great leaders like Mahatma Ghandi of India who citizens affectionately addressed as their father, and Sun Yet Sen who is the father of modern China. 

The word 'father' has to come from citizens from the ground and not coined by your own political party and using media propaganda to drum into us !!  LKY is the founding PM of S'pore but he is not our founding 'father'.  His achievement and character do not put him on the league of truly great men like Ghandi and Sun. To call LKY 'father' is to belittle and an insult to these great men.

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