Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Suffering from LKY fatigue

When LKY was alive, he controlled the media.  Even in his death, the media is still under his clutches.  Being bombarded day and night by his images on all local channels is nerve wreaking.

The week before his dismissal, we had plenty of air time during the news about him.  So much hero worship speeches by his followers.  Now, day in day out all the local MSM are glorifying him almost to the status of  'God'.

Imagine all the local TV channels keep re-running the same few movies like Batman, Superman, Spiderman... no matter how much we love heroes and how entertaining the movies are, it become really tiresome to watch.

May he rest in peace.  May we have our peace too.  Let our eyes and ears rest from the constant bombardment of him.  

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