Sunday, May 25, 2014

Politicians make good liars

There are many jokes about politicians, many relating to how they can lie without blinking. May be to them, they are not lying since they have a different mind set from us ordinary folks.  There are so many ways not to tell the truth - perhaps to a politician that is not lying.

A white lie could be to protect the interest of the citizens/country.  Could it be beating around the bush, playing with words, telling half truth and confusing folks with complicated but irrelevant data .. are not lies?

Why do politicians make good liars - BECAUSE they possess all the criteria needed :
- power (to silent, crush, sue......)
- confident (which is link to the power they possess)
- charisma (good to have but not necessary,  if one has absolute power to oppress)

Why do politicians lie - BECAUSE power tends to corrupt and could be use to protect their self interest and/or gain monetary.  It makes them feel 'invincible' as they can get away with it.  This feeds their power ego even more.

Why are politician 'successful' liars - BECAUSE people tend to trust those in power and authority.

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