Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cleaner whacking pigeons, kitten in rubbish bin and Otters

It was report in SPCA bulletin that a Town Council cleaner was seen going around whacking pigeons.  He then dumped the semi-conscious live birds in plastic bag.  Seems like this cleaner and his supervisor do not perceive it as an act of cruelty.  Could be because uniquely in S'pore, pigeons are  classify as pest and to be culled.

In London, pigeons are part of the attraction at Trafalgar Square. In the movie, Mary Poppins, the children were taught compassion and encouraged to feed the pigeons in one of its song Feed The Birds. (

It was also reported that a kitten was dumped in a rubbish bin at the void deck. It was place in a tied up plastic bag.  Luckily its meowing lead to its rescue.  It was found soaked in its own urine in the bag.

What sort mentality these people have who can commit such cruel act.

Even folks who claimed to care about nature can also be senselessly cruel to one species while claiming to protect another.

At a talk conducted by Nature Society about otters making a come back in S'pore, an audience suggested whacking stray dogs which may intrude into the otters' hideout. These strays are local and have been hanging around that area. The otters are thought to have 'immigrated' from Johor area due to the extensive development recently.

We welcome the otters to make S'pore their home, but certainly our local strays should not suffered because of them. (sound rather similar to our immigrant and FT policies)

The speaker clarified that actually human post a greater disturbance to the otters.

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