Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How much compensation to give PM

If PM is looking to 'deep fried' Roy, no amount of compensation will make him happy. After all, through slip of the tongue, we know he will spend time 'fixing' those who oppose him.

Besides, for one earning millions and whose personal asset are likely in the range of 8 to 9 figures, his concept of money is different from us ordinary citizen. Born with a silver spoon in his month and never suffer financial hardship before, a 4-figure sum is definitely small change, peanuts and even derisory to him.

We feel ashamed to have such a thin skin, petty and big ergo leader. Wonder if we have break the genuine book of record for the number of law suits filed by the same family/political party.

Which public figure is not subjected to criticisms ? Even Saint Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi whom people affectionately called 'Mother' and 'Father' respectively, were not spared hard accusations. These great figures never turn vindictive. Gandhi even died blessing his assassin. Perhaps should not have compared him with such great personality, as he is no where near their league.

There is a Chinese saying 'No wind, no tide'.  If PM does not like the rising tide, then don't create the wind in the first place.  Yes, the irony is the wind is self-created by having himself and family members/political party in key positions in all our major financial institutions. Why the insistence of opacity in these institutions and our national reserve management ?  Why keep building brick walls between citizens' access to their own CPF money ?

It is not that we do not understand CPF policies.  In fact, people are getting to understand them too well in recent years.  Policies flaws cannot be explained away, they need to be rectified. Neither will law suit disperse citizens' questions.

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