Saturday, November 30, 2013

SPYING classification

The way our govt under PAP leadership deals with inquiry both during parliamentary session and in foreign diplomacy is the same - non answer or beat around the bushes.  So when our neighbors Malaysia and Indonesia questioned if S'pore is involved in the recent spying incident, the answer given by our 'esteem' minister is - he is not going to answer the question.  Instead he gave everyone a lecture on how spying is classified. Spying is considered as spying if it :
1) is harmful
2) there is 100%  involvement

What seems to be implied is that it is ok to spy on your neighbor if it is 'not harmful'. Sound pretty lame indeed. Don't think Malaysia nor Indonesia think it is acceptable. What a stupid answer, as it is an invitation for all countries to spy on S'pore as long as it is 'not harmful'.  Perhaps the minister should clearly define what constitute 'harmful' and 'not harmful'.

The 2nd spying classification by percentage is equally idiotic. According to our 'esteem' minister - since it is difficult to determine the percentage - "5% true or 95% true", therefore he could not provide an answer if S'pore spied on our neighbors.  Is he implying that only if it is 100% involvement - then it is consider as spying?  So maybe because S'pore only 'assisted' US and Australia in their spying activities, S'pore involvement is less than 100% . Therefore it is not consider as spying.  By his account, our neighboring countries can join force and spy on S'pore, as long as each of their involvement is less than 100%.

If one does something behind your neighbor's back, yet does not have the guts to stand up for your action when confronted - what does it says about that person ?  When you cannot justify your action, then at least offer an apology. Sigh - we the citizens are ashamed of our govt under PAP leadership.

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