Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tighter reins on Charities ?

There are always black sheep in the flock. After the NKF incident, the rules governing charity organisations have been reviewed and tighten. However, nothing is fool proof, thus further tightening would only hamper the work of those honest charity groups with clean record. Why penalise them just because of a black sheep? It is better to focus on the 'problem sheep' who has amass millons and buying over part of Suntec City.

How to belief in someone who claims he does not draw a salary for years and yet live in lavish lifestyle ?

It has all the hallmarks work of those very professional - you need to be one to get support and continous flow of willing donors who have full trust in you. Another hallmark of a professional is that his supportors will standby him no matter what happen. Why ? Perhaps out of ego, loyal to the group or subconsciously not wanting to acknowledge they have been con ? It is a bitter pill to swallow especially if the person involve is a religious leader. For his follower, denial is much easier route to take.

It will be certainly interesting to see what the investigation will unfold.

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