Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sexual Education In School

Why do schools need to enage external vendors to conduct their sexual education talk for their students ? There are Science teachers and Counsellors in schools, and at secondary/junior college level - we even have subject speciality teacher for Biology. I am sure the these science teachers and the school counsellors are more than qualify to give sexual education talk to students.

However, the main responsiblity should be on the parents to teach and discuss the facts of life with their children. There are also parent support group in every school. It would even be better to get these parent support groups involve in the sexual education talk.

Whenever such talk is conducted, the school could invite all parents who are interest to join their children to attend the talk. This will enable parents to be kept inform of the talk content so that they could follow up with more personal discussion with their children at home. Besides, these parents could act as 'auditors'.

This is especially important where school employed external parties to conduct such talk. We cannot be sure that these external vendors would adhere to MOE guideline, even though their submitted content pass MOE vetting. During the actual presentation, they could be imparting messages subtly which promote their self-interest. Most of the external vendors engaged by MOE are from religious affiliation. Given the fact, the majority of the vendors selected by MOE is from the same religion is cause for concern.

In fact, one of them is known to hold extreme views and had attracted alot of adverse publicity during the AWARE saga. Their US affiliations action of taking over other religion organisations are questionable. What is worrying is the S'pore group seems to be moving along the same line. Unlucky for them, they kick start their take over at the wrong target - AWARE. Their failure does not mean they would not use their local affiliation arms to penetrate schools to promote their 'brand' of religion.

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