Monday, June 28, 2010

Orchard Rd Flood

Our PM lacked credibility when he chose to repeat the lame excuses dished out earlier for public consumption. Again there is no accountability and just all white washing cover up even from the top man himself.

Debris and litter could be an aggravating factor in the Orchard Rd flood, but it is unlikely to be the root cause. The only reason for all these excuses is because the real reason could be another embrassment for the government (just like the Mas Selamat escape episode).

Likely a in depth investigation has been done but they don't have the guts to reveal the truth to us. Human errors in the area of management, system control, lack of foresight in infrastructure design (like our HDB flat lift upgrading project as they forget all of us will grow old)....?

If it is due to debris and litter, then NEA should let us know what have all their cleaners and enforcement officers been doing which resulted in so much accumulation of rubbish to be washed into the drain?

No one is asking for an extensive drainage system, but are the existing ones wide and deep enough in design in the 1st place. If it is not - who is the 'wise guy' who designed them and who approved them ?

Perhaps the lesson is that rapid urbanisation has its cost. We trade in natural water run off with concrete payment and a drainage system which is prone to human errors in design and management.

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