Friday, February 26, 2016

Myna Population Control in Yishun and Clementi

It was reported in the media that fogging of selected trees will be done to manage the myna population in Yishun and Clementi by AVA, due to residents complain of the noise created by the birds.

The authorities do not think it is a long term solution.  Likely it will not be effective as we have seen how years of culling of pigeons by poison has not work.  It used to be the same with stray cats, with AVA culling them and discouraging feeding, but with limited result in controlling of the strays population. This is until NGO groups actively promotes sterilization of stray cats. The sterilization program has been very effective in reducing the strays population.

Contraceptive bird feed has been found to be effective in other countries. AVA is doing trail run on pigeons at a mosque in Singapore.  AVA should expedite this program and extend it to both pigeon and myna population control island wide.

Fogging will only drive the myna from on location to another.  So peace in this neighborhood results in noise in another. Besides, though fogging does not kill the birds, but it is still chemical involved. Chemical dissipated into the air can land in surrounding locations and caused irritant to human and pets. It may be inhaled and cause health issues.

Must we drive and kill off all other animals (except pets) in HDB ?  Can we learn to be more tolerant towards stray cats and birds in our estate. They add life and colour to our concrete jungle.

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