Friday, February 19, 2016

MRT Cross Island Line - another wayang

While the govt is currently in the process of  gathering feedback from the public on the proposed MRT Cross Island Line (CIL) route, it looks like it is just another wayang pretending to listen while it has already made up its mind to go ahead to run it under our nature reserve.

Last night news report over the TV, we have the latest govt propaganda which is indicative that CIL line will be cutting beneath the nature reserve.  In the news clip, first they tell us that the start of the tunneling will be outside the reserve to minimise impact.  Then they said they rather not have it running near residential areas as it will affect residents.  They also mentioned there are elderly around the area and it will inconvenient them. Isn't this a self contradiction - if the impact is minimum why the concern then?

How stupid and lame to use seniors as an excuse!  What is the senior population there?  Are they saying it is exceptionally high?  Are our past and on-going MRT construction all over the island not also an inconvenient to senior residents in those parts of  S'pore?

Which is the greater evil - the possible irreversible damage to the fauna and flora, even dead and extinct of endangered species in the nature reserves OR the temporary inconvenience to residents? What they are really concern with is cost of construction, so please stop all the dishonest lies!

We have seen first hand how underground digging cause so much disturbance above ground. So don't try to bull shit us about minimum impact on the nature reserve.

Only in Spore we have this irony where nature reserve has little meaning as the govt can do what they like with it. Look at the resident housing right at the door step of our Bt Timah nature reserve. No buffer zone. So when folks choosing to live near nature, yet complained when they have monkeys around their homes, - monkeys are culled.  All fauna and flora are protected in nature reserve, but not so in S'pore.

Govt are pushing for the 6.9 million population so they are sacrificing our scarce nature reserve to cater for the foreign influx.  We the citizens and all the fauna and flora in Spore are the sacrifice lambs in our govt political manoeuvres  and GDP growth.

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