Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Most Expensive Pest In Singapore !

Wa ... seems like the 'honour' of being the most expensive pest in S'pore (perhaps even internationally) goes to the rats residing in Bt Batok.

According to the Chinese papers and an article in The Real S'pore, it cost the Town Council a cool $120 K for the 'rat removal operation'.  That translate to $522 per rat ($120 K divide by 230 rats).

A cost saving way is for the Town Council to organise a neighourhood bonding session, where residents meet up to catch rats.  This activity could be included in of our govt current integration program among locals, new citizens and foreign residents.  They could pick up a new trade for backup career planning in pest control which looks very promising, as there are reports of rats sighting all over Singapore.  Besides there are many mosquitoes to spray all over the island from HDB to private condos.

Or the Town Council could have loan the cats from the recently out of business Cuddles Cat Cafe to eliminate the rats. Those 30 cats are jobless and their owner is desperate to recoup his money. I am sure he can loan them out and charge $5 per rat caught. The bill will only be $1150. Even if he charges $20 per rat it only cost the Town Council $4600.

There are many cat owners and stray cats care givers in Bt Batok. Town Council should have sought their help. Some of them may even be willing to let their cats it do for free.  After all the strays are community cats and they will have fun serving the community catching rats. As token of appreciation, Town Council could give these 'heroic' cats 1 month supple of cat food. The cost will be really be PEANUT compare to $120k.

Well, if our Town Councils could lost millions in bad investment without need for accountability to residents, $120k is likely a small sum to them. No need to answer for it, just move on. If money is not enough, raise service and conservancy fee again, never mind even if there are surpluses transfer to the sinking fund.  Coming out with an 'excuse' is as easy as ABC.

Singaporeans are quick to pick up on the ironic and humorous side of the whole issue.

"Wah.... 1 rat is equal to 8gram of 999 gold bar sia.... didnt know rat worth so much..."

"can CPIB come in to investigate?? SGD522 for a rat....?? are we taxpapers idiots or what?? "

"What is $120,000? Not even enough to pay the Minister one month salary. To PAP, this is just PEANUT,.."

These quotes are feedback from humorous readers of The Real Singapore who are sick and tire of our govt stupid habit of sitting on a problem and not acting until it explodes. Remember our MRT breakdown, overcrowded hospital, HDB shortage......woes after woes.. They will then turn panicky and start throwing money to solve it, the only way which they know.  It does not matter how much it cost as it is tax payers' money after all. It does not matter if it addresses the root cause of the problem, because being shortsighted, they will just pour more money into it, without reflecting on their own shortcoming.   If money really can buy talent, how come we have a bunch or morons in parliament ?

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