Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Of Cats and Crows

The recent unpleasant case of cats dying in a cat cafe operated by inexperience owner is a wake up call to those rushing into the latest craze hoping to profit from it.  Likely he does not really have welfare of animals in his heart as those cats in his cafe are not from animal shelters or abandon strays.  He bought them from pet shops so that they look cute and nice. Those who truly care for animals should not patronized cafe run by such owner.  It is a blessing that he is out of business.

One thing for sure, he will not be keeping the cats as he is trying to sell his business set up with around 30 cats.  Hope he will make an effort to re-home the cats should he failed to find a buyer.

There is a place for social enterprise catering to abandon animals where animal welfare is the main driving force besides profit.  Such cat cafe owners deserve to be successful as their success will translate to more animals being helped.

There is an article by Mr Tan CW on "Stop shooting of crows, use humane methods to prevent attacks".   The sad fact is likely attack is just an excuse to shoot them. Crows are being culled regularly just like pigeons.  They are all considered as pest by our govt. Our govt does not practised human method when animals are classified as pest.

Crows are just too intelligent to be poisoned or caught. 

I have witnessed when pigeons flocked to feed on poison food and suffering a painful death, while the crows kept away.  They were in fact crowing away up in the trees warning fellow crows of the danger. There was not a single crow amongst the flock of dead pigeons. Crows seems to have learn from past experience, where pigeons have failed.

Crows will be shot, it is only hope that the shooters ensure the birds die quickly. Wounded birds could be gassed in a bag (eg carbon dioxide).  There are other methods if the govt want to save cost.  Just  don't leave wounded birds to suffer a prolong death. 

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