Sunday, August 24, 2014

PM Lee - leader of Low Productivity

No wonder our productivity is sliding and govt faces uphill challenge to boost it. PM Lee as leader is setting a bad example.  He probably does not even realise it and think he is pretty 'smart' by creating a new dept to liaise with other govt depts and agencies.  I am referring to the case of clearing of debris & rubbish from the narrow stretch of footpath, mentioned in his boring National Day Rally speech.

Currently there are 3 agencies involved - one handles the footpath, another the greenery to the left of it and the 3rd in charge of the grass verge to the right of it. So messy due to the bulky bureaucracy until no one seems to know who is in charge of what and 'taiji' becomes the way of life.

Any layman can see how ridiculous and unproductive it is. Instead of going to the root cause, which is due to the bulky bureaucracy, he chooses to layer it with another liaison dept. The fact that a liaison dept is needed indicates the system needs simplifying. 

Just look at his cabinet set up overloaded with overpay MPs and ministers.  Do we need so many of them ? They work only part time and spend the rest of their time, each holding directorship in many private companies. This is a glaring example of unproductivity.  Such bad practice of heavy bureaucracy trickles down from his cabinet to the rest of ministries.

PM Lee paves the way to low productivity by leading it. 

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