Sunday, August 24, 2014

CPF rally on 23/8 at Hong Lim Park

The 3rd CPF rally was held at Hong Lim Park on Sat, 23 Aug. The crowd size was smaller than the previous.  The first 2 rallies had stronger speakers and were more informative.

The recent one had some new faces but unfortunately also weak speech content. Only Mr Leong, Ms Han and Roy were able to hold the audience attention.  Ms Han delivery has improved with each rally. There was more control of voice and slower speech delivery. She is one crowd drawer as she spoke in English, Mandarin and Hokkien - typical S'porean style.

Mr Leong with his humour and statistics make simple, is one speaker I always look forward to hearing. He spoke on the lease buy back scheme which now extends to 4 room-flat. It only means govt skimming off more money from the needy elderly, in the pretext of helping them.  Pretty typical of most, if not all PAP schemes.

Posters with the words -  "They suck you dry and then suck until you die. This is what they call subsidize" - sadly summarize PAP money grabbing policies pretty well.

The 2nd speaker articulation was not clear. The worst part  was he spent the last 10 mins speaking about his God.  Good grief !

The next speaker, a lady - tried to list out all PAP flaw policies. She took up too much time because there are so many of them.  It is rather boring as we are already familiar with our govt ridiculous policies. What she could have done is to highlight one or two and give us real life examples of how they have negatively impacted her. 

The next CPF rally is on 27 Sep.  Hope they could get strong speakers with good content and analysis of the current policies.

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