Thursday, December 20, 2012

Talking Point on CNA

This week Talking Point (last episode) over Channel News Asia (CNA) topic is 'Was 2012 more eventful year than 2011'.  The participants consist on Baey, MP for Tampines, Singh (SMU lecturer) and MediaCorp, Ken Teh.

Baey wanting to be politically correct said there is no single event that sticks out for him in 2012. According to him, it is just the internet that stirred things up. The Singh guy said that the single most newsworthy event is the 'National Conversation'. Good grief ! Is this guy for real ?  Of all things, he thinks the wayang where everyone terms the 'National Con' job stands out !  He is naive or what ? PM himself admitted as much it is not so much to get public feedback than to align the public to PAP thinking (in other words, brain washing time). It is always through slip of tongue that we double confirm what we already know. 

Listening to these 2 PAP apple polishers is painful. The only guy who is 'REAL' and in touch with public sentiment is Ken Teh. He pointed out the SMRT bus drivers strike stands out as it highlighted many teething issues in one event - plight of  foreign workers, industrial & racial relation, cost of living....

He is the guy that saves the program. If CNA Talking Point wish to keep its rating, better watch who they invite to the program and not insult viewers' intellect.

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