Sunday, December 23, 2012

Inceased in Polyclinic medical fee

I just noticed Polyclinic has increased their consultation fee effective from Dec 2012, which without subsidy is already way higher than GP charges in HDB estate.  Seems like there is no announcement on this.

This is not surprising as we have seen 'secretive' changes in fee and policies. Seems like if the govt can avoid making an announcement, they will do so.
(see post -  Medical fee being increased on the sly )

As far as I know, in Nov 2012, full consultation fee (without subsidy) at Polyclinic is $35.05. In Dec 2012, the fee has hiked to $36.82. This 5% increased  is higher than local inflation rate. The daily volume of patients at Polyclinic island wide is very HIGH. So wonder how much the govt rack in from needy patients with this increase in fee.

The full consultation rate in Polyclinic is much higher than private GPs in HDB estates. Normally the consultation charge in GPs are around $20. Our govt loves to jerk up the fee and then give a subsidy so that it looks good.

Likely most did not even know there is an increase. I would not have noticed it if not because of my blogging and reference make to my own Polyclinic bills.

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