Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sam Hui's Hits - Coffee / Tea at Esplanade

To attend Sam Hui's concert, the tickets are not cheap. There is another way to enjoy his songs without paying a bomb. Ok I am not talking about CD but actual life performance.

Esplanade has this Coffee Morning Afternoon Tea program held once a month at their Recital Studio which has very good acoustic and sound system. The program features local and foreign singers who belt out songs from famous artists.

The recent one had Wilson Wong singing Sam Hui's hit songs (all Cantonese songs). I realized that though many of the songs were familiar and once a big hit, but I have forgotten the lyrics, due to lack of exposure for years. I suppose it could be due to our govt Speak Mandarin policies which kill off anything to do with dialects.

Sam's is a talent alright. His musical scores and lyrics will stand the test of time. They could be more than 20 years ago, but they do not sound like 'oddies'. He has such a good grip on the common lives and emotion of ordinary folks which he incorporated into his songs' lyrics mix with a heavy dose of humour.

If only our local bunch of PAP ministers and MPs have half of Sam's understanding of ordinary citizens, they may have avoided so many senseless and flaws policies.

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