Thursday, February 9, 2012

CAT fed by a CROW

There is this white stray cat (Mr White) which follows me all over after his breakfast. He only eats dry cat biscuits, unlike other strays which prefer the more tasty wet cat food in cans.

He would sit around cleaning himself and basking in the sun while I exercise. Just the other day, I heard a loud 'tut' and saw something fallen from a tree. As I was not wearing my spectacles, I saw a lump which I thought was some riped fruit. Then there was another louder 'tut'. Mr White went to investigate and to my surprise he started eating it. As he is a fussy eater,that sets off my curiosity on what had fallen from the tree.

It was a fried fish head ! Besides it were another piece of fish meat and the whole fish bone. Next I saw a big black crow hovering around and calling loudly. The crow landed closed to Mr White but dare not approached nearer. It did that a few times before flying off when I cleared away the fish.

The crow must have picked up the fish from somewhere and flew off to enjoy its meal away from the meddling crowds. Unfortunately, it ended up 'feeding' the cat. Its loud call must have been sound of frustration.

Note : It is unhealthy to feed cat with fried fish. Besides the bone which could get stuck in the cat's teeth, the seasoning (eg garlic, oil...etc) used is not good for cat. Cats which have eating problem (teeth issues) can even choke on cat biscuits. They can't bite so they swallow the biscuits whole. So fish meat attached to bone is a definitely NO.

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