Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Moral Authority

Wong K S is not the best person to speak about moral authority. A terrorist escaped from our high security detention center due to lapse in basic security measures right under his nose.

Where is his moral authority when he let those in lower rank take the rap, while he ditched out lame excuses ?

Besides a person is innocent until proven guilty. Mr Shadrake is only being investigated, so why is Wong K S accusing him of malicious attack and undermining public confidence ? Besides, we are famous for winning defamation cases, so why is the Attorney-General asking for an apology to drop the case ? Perhaps there are truths in Mr Shadrake's research ?

Mistrial of cases do happen in other countries. It can happen in S'pore too. If it does, it is good that it is being flushed out instead of being cover up forever. Why is our govt afraid of hearing the truth ? Any truth should be welcome as it gives us opportunities to right a wrong and improve the system.

To understand more go to this link :

An extract from the article ....on Mr Shadrake's book Once a Jolly Hangman (it is banned in S'pore)

"He documents worrying instances of judges actually calling into doubt the culpability of the accused in their judgments and then going on to impose capital punishment. He tells of cases where differential sentences are handed down relative to the wealth or power of the perpetrator or their family. In one case involving a non-citizen, he suggested that her government’s threat to create economic discomfort for Singapore swayed the trial. In another case, he wrote, compelling evidence was heard from a policeman himself under investigation, and later convicted, of monstrous corruption. He also relates further cases where the mandatory nature of the death penalty binds the hands of the judges regardless of the perpetrator’s youth or clear potential for reform."

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