Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Abandoned Animals and Babies

Some kind soul is setting up sanctuary house for abandoned babies. Its project person lamented that more is done for abandoned animals than babies.

But there must be a fair basis for comparison. SPCA reported an aveage of 10,000 abandoned animals annually. This is excluding those pick up by AVA and strays still struggling to survive out there. In contrast, the sanctuary has 50 abandoned babies todate.

Of course abandoned animals need more resources to help. Even if we take the lower figure of 10K abandon animals, the number of unwanted babies is just 0.5% of it.

Our birth rate is so low, all babies should be welcome by the govt, regardless of their status. Let the govt do its part for the babies since they are so slack regarding animals welfare. They are also not doing enough for our homeless. Instead of helping them, they are chasing them away from their temporary campsites. NGOs are the ones helping these folks.

Now - these babies could be moulded to be their future model citizens. Is this not what they want ? So do more for these poor babies instead of pushing it to NGOs again.

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