Sunday, July 22, 2018

Singhealth Data Breach - No Action Needed ??

It takes more than 2 months - from 1 May to 4 July 18 before the cyber attacked on Singhealth was discovered.  By then 1.5 million patients' non-medical data was breach.  Because of the late discovery - a further 160,000 patients' medical record was stolen between 27 Jun to 4 Jul.

Think the hacker(s) must be having a field time, first steal personal data, since no one notice go for medical record too.  Why does it takes more than 2 months before major attacked was notice?  IT security system limping weak or Singhealth IT dept sleeping on the job?

Then all these diversion tactics as usual on MSM to take the public focus away from the important questions.  Who attacked us?  What they intend to do with our data?  What is the govt doing to apprehend the hackers?  

We are not interested in how many sms were send out to inform patients their data are stolen or not stolen.  Neither do we find comfort that PM Lee and Mr Goh CT data was access - which the MSM seems to think so. We find it ridiculous that the MSM reported that Singhealth / govt should be 'lauded' for their handling of this cyber attack - which should not have happened in the first place!

They said it is a major attacked and they know who but can't tell us due to security reason. What the crap!  There is no mentioned at all of going after the hacker.  What is the point of forming a committee - so many committee have been form in the past whenever something happened.  Just like the SMRT issues - they still happened and have gotten even more serious after CEO Ms Saw departure.

They can tell us 'no action needed' in the sms. We are small fly - what can we do, BUT we expect concrete action from the govt.  Govt said breach is done by some big time foreign hacker(s) - if so do they steal for fun? Surely they intend monetize the stolen data.  So govt knows who behind it and yet not going after them?

Or can it be they are hiding something from us?  Everything is national security issue when they don't want us to know-  just like GIC, Temasek and our national reserve financial status.

Major cyber security breach and we are not given any details!  What are we to think?  Maybe for all we know it is a small time hacker and they need to save face for their limping security system.

SMART Nation with handicap security system which can't even protect public data.  What a joke! 

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