Thursday, June 14, 2018

US-N Korea Summit, YOG, F1 Race - $ Worth ??

What is common linkage of US-North Korean Summit, YOG and F1 Race in Singapore ?
Answer : Obscene amount of money splashed on them. 

F1 Race started in 2008. The licencing cost is $65 million every year. The cost of hosting it is in the range of $150 million.

Youth Olympics Game (YOG) was held in Spore in 2010. The initial budget was $104 million, but it overshot by $280 million.  YOG cost us a cool $387 to host.

The recent US-N Korea Summit on 12/6/18 cost $20 million to host.

What is the justification of all these big spending ?  F1 and YOG were supposed to put S'pore on international stage - get the world to know Spore through wide media coverage and exposure.

The recent summit is Spore 'contribution' to world peace.  But after the 2 presidents signed a piece of loose binding agreement which most critics have doubt of its effectiveness of getting N Korea to denuclearized - our govt change track and said the money well spend as it gives Spore international coverage. 

US State Dept made a mistake to address Spore as part of Malaysia in the recent summit. For US to make such a mistake to the host country - it is a wake up call to PM Lee that no amount of money or apple polishing is going to correct misconception of Spore being part of some other bigger country (eg China, Malaysia, ....)

It also reflects the obscene amount splashed into money losing venture such as F1 race over the years does little enhance world citizens knowledge of Spore geographical location.  If a high US official  can made such mistake - what can we expect from common folks ?

Similarly the $387 million spent on YOG for international coverage was also money down the drain, as most would not care where is Spore located.

What makes our PM Lee thinks that folks around the world are more interested in politics than sports?  Beside US, Japan and South Korea - the likelihood of other countries citizens paying much attention to this summit event is minimum, as they are not affected and have no direct stake in it.

Our govt expects us to be proud that Spore is hosting this summit.  But what is there to be proud about ?  Trump leadership is full of controversy and is the laughing stock even within his own party.  Kim is a brutal dictator who terrorized neighboring countries and US with his nuclear arm. He murdered his own relatives and brother.  He don't believe in human rights and starve his people to fund his nuclear program.  He never foot his own bill.  N Korea still yet to pay up the bill for the cars they imported from European country.  South Korean paid around US$3 million for N Korean to participate in the Winter Olympics and Para Olympics game.  N Korean internet hackers stole millions from third world country bank which had weak security system. Kim is just a big time gangster, robber and terrorist.

So just because he is a the head of a country - all these can be overlook?  This seems like it seeing how our PM Lee and ministers butter him up.

As a S'porean I feel ashamed and disappointed at our leaders behavior.  It is a waste to spend $20 million to host the summit.  Besides our govt put our Spore and us at security risk as these 2 leaders are not the most likable nor popular and have plenty of enemies.

Likely the summit serves as a ego booster for our govt leaders instead than anything else.

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