Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Indonesia naming of their war ships

This whole incident just show that diplomatic relationship is better than all the billions of dollar PAP spent buying the latest war 'toys'. Indonesia don't give a shit to all those planes, submarine.....etc our govt bought. These super expensive war 'toys' are just show off pieces with no deterrent power.

Diplomatic relationship is less costly and more effective. But our arrogant govt is very poor at it. When they open their mouth - eg LKY and the current batch of paper generals - they only know how to insult our neighbours. PAP high and mighty attitude is a disservice to our nation.

Our govt under PAP is only good at bullying her own citizens. Their are just meek sheep when confronted by our neighbours. Look at the haze incident and you get the picture of how much weight their words have on our neighbour, Indonesia. 

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