Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pedestrains Walking Directly under construction Crane

All things can be compromised in the name of growth. So, to house 6.9 million population to sustain S'pore growth in the near future, the govt under PAP is playing a catching up game.  They are building every thing  like craze since they have under provided for many years all the critical infrastructure (housing, transport, hospital.....) even to cater for the current population of 5.3 million.

In the past, construction sites are cordon off so that there is a safe radius of operation for the cranes.  Now as they are desperately squeezing in to build more infrastructure amongst existing buildings, pedestrians are walking directly under the boom of the construction crane. This is because the pedestrian pathway cut across the MRT construction site!

Yes, they still cordon off the walkway to prevent one from seeing what is going on at the construction site and to provide shelter from the rain.  If one is not observant, perhaps he/she may not be aware of the potential danger of walking directly below the operating crane.  The barricade construction and material used will not be strong enough to withstand the force of load carried by the crane nor the weight of its boom should there be a mishap. A bus stop and a HDB block are also within the radius of the crane operating boom.

If there is a crane mishap, pedestrians using the walkway or commuters at the bus stop would be crashed by the boom. The adjacent HDB block could also be demolished should the crane toppled over. The consequence could be fatal for the unlucky residents.

There have been serious past incidents involving crane toppling over. But with so much construction going on, the authority probably decided to take the risk in order to minimize inconvenience to the residents, So they build a walkway cutting across the construction site and directly below the crane!  May be folks themselves are getting 'acclimatized' to the unsafe conditions around them too.  After all, the city of S'pore has become one big construction site - every where you go, your are hit with MRT and residential housing construction.

Better be safe than sorry. Suffer the inconvenience and take the longer route than use the unsafe walkway created by the authority.

Our quality of living has already suffered with years of unsustainable growth to increase the population. Now they are willing even to compromise our safety and life in the name of growth !

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