Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pigeons are PEST in S'pore

In other countries, pigeons are just birds. But over here, it has been officially classified as pest for decades. In S'pore, besides pigeons, there are about 4 other species of birds which are under pest category because of their 'large' population.

Crows and mynas are under pest category too.  Crows being large and aggressive are culled so frequently that their number has reduced drastically in recent years, that they are hardly noticeable. They are normally shot down.

Pigeons are poisoned to reduce their number. Another method is trapping. Not sure how they are murdered killed after being removed from the traps. What we do know is that even before they are removed, they may suffer thirst and hunger for days if the pest control firm task to undertake the job 'forgets' to retrieve the traps. So many may die in the traps intentionally 'unintentionally.'

Perhaps being shot down is a less painful death. Dying by poison and being trapped are horrific death for these poor birds.

Mynas which are small chippy birds are relatively harmless, just like pigeons. But too bad, just because they are fit and can survive well in S'pore harsh urban environment,  they become pest.

Pigeons have the worst adverse publicity. Town Councils often used scare tactics that pigeons spread diseases to the old and young.  As more than 80% of the human population  lives in high rise flats, pigeons are also blamed for dirtying washing hang out to dry. It is the environment that make them into pest.

Our tiny state human population has increased drastically in recently. Despite years of  'Keep S'pore Clean' campaign, we still depend on the large numbers of cleaners and sweepers to keep the city state clean. Thus, would we not qualify as 'pest' too ? 

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