Sunday, May 13, 2012

Public Transport Woes Continue

It was Sat morning, 12 May, the air con was not working well on the East-West direction SMRT train. Everyone was fanning themselves but at least the train was running. After countless of major hitches recently, air con down is the lesser evil compare to train breakdown.

The public bus situation was worst on Sat evening between 6 to 7pm. I waited almost an hour before boarding bus no. 67 along Dunearn Road, the bus stop after Hillcrest Rd. It was the 3rd bus, as the 2 others zoomed by without stopping. The 1st was relatively crowded but definitely had standing space if the bus driver asked the commuters to move in. The 2nd bus was relatively EMPTY. It was one of those long buses. Half the bus after the exit door was 'empty' - no one was standing, only seated passengers. The bus driver did not bother to make an effort to ask commuters to move in.

The attitude of the bus driver could aggravate our transport woes. I was able to board the 3rd bus because the driver asked the commuters to move it. At the subsequent stops, he took the initiative to let commuters to tap their bus card at the entrance and board at the rear of the bus as the front was very pack.

If every driver is like him, we need not feel the frustration of seeing one bus after aonther zooming by without stopping. The bus company will make more profit as the bus would be jammed pack from front to rear, instead of half empty.

Commuters nowadays are so inconsiderate. They board the bus and then 'froze' and remain rooted to the spot till they alight. So the bus is normally  pack like sardines in front but 'spacious' at the back end.

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