Saturday, May 1, 2010

Is Achievement all about making money only ?

I attend 2 days out of the 3 days of National Achievers Congress recently. The reason why I skip the 3rd day is - I have had enough already.

All the speakers are trying to sell their 'training' package to you - how to make quick buck in a few minutes or a few months.

This is my 1st time attending the National Achievers Congress, which is held annually over the past few years. Likely it will be my last. Surely achievement is more than just about making money. Measuring achievement solely in monetary terms is very narrow. There are great folks who done a lot for the less fortunate and in environment conservation, they don't make money from such work from the heart.

The pulling factor was one of the speakers is Mr Tony Blair, the formal Prime Minister of UK. He did not disappoint. His speech was well received by the audience as it was full of wisdom and humour. Yes, he is very humourous. He is the saving grace for the whole congress. He is the only speaker whom did not try to sell us anything. After Mr Blair session, I left for good.

The organisers kept the speakers schedule a secret. Luckily Mr Blair spoke on the 2nd day, if not I have to endure more of the same boring stuff on how to make tons of money as a measurement of one's success.

I wonder what the turn out rate is like for the 3rd day. Likely many folks share my view and would make their 'escape' after Mr Blair presentation.

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